About CSA


Part of the reason we choose a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) food share model is because we know fueling our body with plants grown in nutrient rich soil, free of toxic chemicals is sustainable for our well being and the well being of the earth. Herbs are another category of plants, but they contain more powerfully acting constituents than found in our vegetables. Every season of the year affects different systems within our bodies, be it nervous system, respiratory, digestive, etc, making us vulnerable to various illnesses. The herbal products in our CSA Share are designed to give you an extra boost, support your immune system, and build strength and resiliency through the change and challenges of the seasons.

Organically Grown and Sustainably Wild Crafted Herbs

Though we grow most of our herbs, we also sustainably and ethically wild-harvest native
herbs. What does this mean? Before I go into that I must mention here that as
medicinal herbs have become more and more popular, some wild-crafting practices have
placed a great burden on the growing number of wild plant populations. Therefore it is
important that we begin organically cultivating many of our herbs. This means growing
them ourselves on unpolluted land without the use of toxic chemicals.
Back to what wild-crafting means, wild-crafting is going out into the fields, forests,
prairies and marshlands looking for healthy populated communities of native plants in
healthy environments. Often we do not harvest at this time but become familiar with the
plants over time, establishing a connection, gaining a feeling for this piece of land,
observing what creatures come and go and what plants like to live side by side. If and
when we do harvest, the first 2 rules after receiving permission and giving thanks are:
Being mindful of how many remaining plants are needed to ensure the stand will
continue to flourish and thrive as well as thinking about what other animals, birds and
insects might be using these plants is an integral part of wild-crafting. When done
with intelligence, understanding and a good heart, wild-crafting never exploits or
diminishes wild plant communities.